Accelerated Life Testing


The Accelerated Life Testing module provides the functionality to analyze accelerated failure data and predict reliability characteristics under normal use conditions.

Key Features

  • It allows data sets to be analyzed using a proportional hazards or accelerated failure time survival model.
  • Standard stress profile models are provided together with the ability to define custom models.
  • Constant, time-varying and multiple stress profiles may be specified for a single data set.
  • Multiple Import and export options are available.
  • Customizable report designer for the easy report creation.


  • Easily evaluation of the data through Accelerated Life Testing module for the normal operating conditions.
  • Custom models are provided to develop and evaluate the ALT data in different environmental conditions.
  • Various stress profiles can be created for the data sets.
  • Different stress profiles can be easily accessed.
  • Customizable report designer to view and manage the reports.