Life Cycle Cost Analysis


  • The Life Cycle Cost Analysis module of Availability Workbench used for calculating the whole cost of a system from inception to disposal.
  • It can be directly linked to RCM cost and AvSim modules.

Key Features

  • It allows the hierarchical cost break down structure through an unlimited number of indenture levels.
  • Time- dependent costs can also be evaluated.
  • Phase-dependent cost equations can be defined linking it with AvSim module.
  • Multiple Import and export options are available.
  • Customizable report designer for the easy report creation.


  • LCC module allows users to define life cycle costs other than those predicted by the RCM Cost and AvSim modules.
  • Multiple types of life cycle costs can be easily evaluated.
  • The syntax of cost equations is easily understood.
  • The construction of cost equations is assisted by an intelligent code-recognition utility that automatically reveals global variable lists as the user types in an equation.
  • Customizable report designer to view and manage the reports.