Reliability Workbench

Reliability Workbench consists of the suite of products for performing a range of standard reliability analysis techniques. The list of modules under the reliability Workbench is:

  • Prediction
  • Part Libraries.
  • RBD
  • Fault Tree
  • Event Tree
  • Markov Analysis
  • Weibull
  • Reliability growth
  • Reliability Allocation
  • Safety Assessment

These modules are majorly based on Reliability and Safety aspects and they use conventional calculation methods like probability calculation, Boolean algebra, Statistical methods.


  • Part Libraries is not a module of the Reliability Workbench. They are sold separately. Part libraries should be given link in Prediction, FMECA, RBD, Fault Tree, and Safety Assessment.
  • Markov and Weibull analysis modules are linked both with RBD and Fault Tree.
  • Event tree module is linked along with fault tree module.

These links should be attached in the respective module and the module pages should be created separately.