Weibull Analysis


  • The Weibull Analysis module analyses historical failure and repair data by assigning probability distributions.
  • The failure distribution assigned to a given set of times to failure (known as a Weibull set) may be assigned to basic events or generic failure models in the Fault Tree Analysis module and to reliability blocks or generic failure models in the RBD analysis.

Available Distributions

The Weibull Analysis Module analyses times-to-failure and time-to-repair data using the following distributions:

  • Exponential Distribution
  • 1-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • 2-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • 3-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • Weibayes


  • Included with Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) and Fault Tree modules.
  • The Weibull module automatically fits the selected distribution to the data provided.
  • Displays the results graphically in the form of cumulative probability plots, unconditional probability density plots and conditional probability density plots.
  • Module is very easy to use.