Process Reliability


Process Reliability of Availability Workbench identifies the systematic and reliability losses by recognizing trends in the production data using AvSim module and Weibull analysis modules.

Key Features

  • It allows production data to be compared from different plants or different time periods.
  • Simulated production profiles can be created from the AvSim module.
  • Potential plant improvements can be compared with existing production data easily.
  • The Cumulative Probability plot, which is used to identify trends in the data are included.
  • Multiple Import and export options are available.
  • Customizable report designer for the easy report creation.


  • Principal parameters are Actual Losses, Production Losses and Reliability Losses can be easily identified for corrective action.
  • The Cumulative Probability plot are easily plotted to know the trends in the data.
  • The Simulated data can be easily derived from AvSim module.
  • Users can define a theoretical Nameplate Weibull distribution for convenience to plot the graphs
  • Customizable report designer to view and manage the reports.