Network Availability Prediction – NAP


  • Using Network Availability Prediction, we can evaluate the reliability and availability of the communication networks.
  • It uses extended Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) methodology to address the specific characteristics of network elements and their connections.
  • Software is also able to identify the weak areas in the networks.

Key Features

  • Complex networks can be easily designed.
  • Powerful pagination in NAP
  • Multiple direction flow of data in the networks.
  • Parts library and network element libraries are included.
  • Multiple import and export facilities


  • NAP will automatically determine the allowable paths between a source and target.
  • Minimal cut sets can be easily determined.
  • Multiple interfaces and their connections with the common equipments can be modelled.
  • Critical areas in the network can be easily evaluated.
  • Customize the own parts library and network element library.
  • High performance analysis can be done by NAP.
  • Proper hierarchical structure in the project tree.
  • Customizable report designer to view and manage the reports.