Availability Workbench

Availability Workbench is used to perform the RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintenance, and Safety) analysis for the system. It primarily uses Monte Carlo Simulation in order to derive its results.

The following are the modules available in Availability Workbench:

  • RCM Cost
  • AvSim
  • Weibull Pro
  • Life Cycle Cost
  • Process Reliability
  • RCM SAP® Portal
  • RCM MAXIMO® Portal
  • RCM ELLIPSE® Portal
  • Accelerated Life Testing


  • Weibull Pro module is linked with both RCM Cost and AvSim So Weibull pro module is given as link in RCM Cost and AvSim modules.
  • Life cycle cost module uses both RCM Cost and AvSim modules for its analysis. In LCC both the links of RCM Cost and AvSim modules should be given.
  • Process Reliability modules uses AvSim AvSim module should be given as link the Process Reliability module.
  • RCM SAP® Portal, RCM MAXIMO® Portal, RCM ELLIPSE® Portal uses RCM Cost module for the analysis. These portals have RCM Cost module as link.