RCM Cost


  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Cost module of Availability Workbench provides and maintain the optimal maintenance strategies required for your reliability, cost, and safety aspects.
  • It considers FMECA to identify the critical failures.

Key Features

  • Graphically constructed system hierarchy diagram using the adopted Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) methodology
  • Identification of critical failure modes and redundancy modelling facility.
  • Advice for decision making based on performance simulation using Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Weibull analysis of field data and able to optimize plots for alternative maintenance strategies.
  • These other maintenance strategies allowed are:
    • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Tasks (Lubrication or Replacement)
    • Condition Monitoring Alarms
    • On-Condition Inspections
    • Inspections for Hidden Failures
    • Re-Design


  • The prime objectives of the maintenance program like minimizing costs, meeting Safety and Environmental goals and meeting Operational goals can be met easily.
  • Using multiple maintenance strategies user can take powerful decisions.
  • Multiple standards are used to design the system hierarchy and identify the failure modes.
  • Maintenance and spare optimization can be easily done.
  • Powerful plots are generated to take decisions for the best optimized strategies.
  • Weibull module is also along with the RCM cost module enables the age of the products.