Reliability Block Diagram (RBD)


  • A Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) is a method of modelling how components and sub-system failures combine to cause system failure.
  • Reliability block diagrams may be analyzed to predict the reliability and availability of a system.
  • Able to determine the critical components from a reliability viewpoint.

Key Features

  • Reliability Workbench RBD is also provided with Markov analysis and Weibull analysis modules.
  • Capable of analyzing large and complex RBD.
  • Able to produce the minimal cut- sets for both the sub system and system.
  • Able to calculate a range of importance measures.
  • Provides unlimited hierarchical levels for the project.
  • Includes a Common Cause Failure (CCF) facility.
  • Produces high quality RBD reports.
  • Import and export facilities allow data to be transferred to and from the data bases, spreadsheets and files.


  • Provides the parameters like Reliability, Availability and Expected failures.
  • Markov analysis capabilities are provided for analyzing components with strong dependencies.
  • Weibull analysis is included to predict the age of the component using the historical data sets.
  • Able to identify the weak areas in the system
  • Abe to recommend for the design changes according to the reliability aspects.
  • The multiple import and export facilities are provided.
  • The report designer is very useful to maintain all the reports in a folder.