Reliability Prediction


  • The reliability prediction module of Reliability Workbench enables you to predict failure rates for a set of components under given operational and environmental conditions.
  • These failure rate calculations as defined by the standard and provides with the results like overall component and system failure rate.

Prediction Standards

  • The Reliability Workbench Prediction module includes the following standards:
    • Telcordia SR-332 Issues 2 and 3
    • MIL-HDBK-217
    • Quanterion 217 Plus
    • IEC TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
    • NSWC handbook
    • GJB/z 299B and 299C
    • Siemens SN 29500
    • FIDES


  • Able to define the components in the system in a tree structure
  • Able to predict the failure rate of the components and system failure rate using the standards.
  • The contributions of components failure rates to blocks and systems failure rates can be easily displayed.
  • The effects of stresses caused by the various environmental conditions can be examined.
  • The overstressed components can be evaluated from the derating analysis of the components.
  • The derating analysis can be performed using defined standards.
  • A powerful graphing facility can display the variation of predicted failure rates with ambient temperature, stress and environment settings for an entire system or individual blocks and components.
  • The maintainability tasks can be easily attached to the components.
  • Commonly used components can be entered once in a library and then pulled into the project tree each time when the component is used.
  • Information can be imported from Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle and other formats.
  • Powerful reporting features allow you to create professional standard reports at the click of a button.