Attack Tree


  • Attack trees allow threats against system security to be modelled concisely in a graphical format to create a security risk assessment.
  • It follows Fault Tree methodology to do risk assessment.

Key Features

  • Easily evaluation of threats causing security problems can be solved using attack tree.
  • Easy identification of the threats and the process they break the barriers.
  • A ‘Mitigation Tree’ module to model the effects of mitigation factors on consequences
  • Multiple Import and export options are available.
  • Customizable report designer for the easy report creation.


  • The minimal cut sets, the probability of the events, consequences, and barriers can be easily evaluated.
  • The complex security systems can also be easily designed and evaluated using Attack Tree.
  • It is possible to ‘prune’ the attack tree to easily identify the route by which attack would succeed.
  • User friendly and easy access to the attack tree.
  • Flexible Grid layouts and best graphical design can be seen.
  • Very useful reports can be easily created.