Weibull Pro


Weibull Pro analysis use to analyze the historical failure and repair data which produce the failure and repair characteristics of the failure mode.

Weibull Pro is provided as separate module as well as module integrated with Availability Workbench.

Key Distributions

The following are the key distributions provided in the Weibull Pro:

  • Exponential distribution
  • 1-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • 2-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • 3-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • Bi-Weibull
  • Tri-Weibull
  • Lognormal Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Weibayes
  • Phased Bi-Weibull
  • Phased Tri-Weibull


  • It can inculcate the large group of data and complete the analysis quickly.
  • Data can be entered manually or can be easily imported.
  • It can automatically fit the selected distribution to the data.
  • Able to display the results graphically in the form of cumulative probability plots, unconditional probability density plots and conditional probability density plots.
  • Easily use this analysis for various other calculations in different modules like AvSim, RCM cost.
  • Flexible import and export facilities are provided for easy convenience.
  • Customizable reporting options make reports very accessible.