Event Tree Analysis


  • Event trees allow you to analyze the possible outcomes of an event occurring.
  • The event tree model may be created independently of the fault tree model or may use fault tree analysis gate results as the source of event tree probabilities.

Key Features

  • Event Tree is included along the Fault Tree module.
  • Full minimal cut set analysis. Success states are fully handled.
  • Range of event failure and repair models including fixed rates, dormant, sequential, standby, time at risk, binomial, Poisson and initiator failure models
  • Basic events may be linked to Markov models created in the Markov analysis module
  • Comprehensive risk calculation.
  • Risk importance analysis identifying the major contributors to risk
  • Sensitivity analysis allowing the automatic variation of event failure and repair data between specified limits


  • The event tree module handles both primary and secondary event trees, multiple branches and multiple consequence categories.
  • Fault tree analysis gate results as the source of event tree probabilities can be used.
  • Large and complex event tree can be easily evaluated.