• Companies are very effectively using AvSim module for RAMS studies.
  • Availability Simulation (AvSim) module of the Availability Workbench is the powerful system reliability and availability simulator.
  • It inculcates the Fault Tree and RBD modules for the powerful graphics solution and optimizes the maintenance strategies.

Key Features

  • Sub-system blocks allowing automatic Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) pagination
  • Pagination facilities for large fault trees and user control of scaling, shifting and gates, events selection.
  • Simulation of production capacity levels with target cost penalties.
  • Multiple-system spares tracking for fleet modelling and modelling of spares dependencies and stock levels and models recycling of spares via a repair shop
  • Various failure models according to requirements are provided.
  • Modelling of maintenance queuing and opportunistic maintenance and ‘hold for repair’ modelling
  • Comprehensive reports interfacing with Microsoft Office products
  • P-f curves for inspections and condition alarms


  • The Availability Simulation module can help you optimize system availability and life-cycle costs by modelling:
    • System availability and throughput
    • Spares tracking and stock-outs
    • Planned and predictive maintenance policies
    • Switching delays and buffers
    • Phased operations
    • Standby systems
  • Complex and dynamic systems can be easily designed and optimization of maintenance strategies
  • It can effectively simulate the effects of different spares holding levels on lifetime costs.
  • Multiple import and export facilities are available.
  • Customizable reporting options make reports very accessible.