• A Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Module is a used for identifying potential failure modes in a system and classifying them according to their severity values.
  • A FMECA is usually carried out progressively in two parts:
  • Identifying failure modes and their effects (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis- FMEA).
  • Ranking failure modes using their effects according to the combination of severity and the probability of that failure mode occurring (Criticality Analysis – FMECA).

Key Features

Our Reliability Workbench FMECA and Fault Tree+ modules have been tested and certified by SGS-TÜV as suitable for safety analyses according to ISO26262.

Some of the FMEA Software features are summarized below:

  • Creation of Apportionment library and Phrase library for fast data entry
  • Effects of the failure modes can be  automatically traced through to system level
  • Automatically severities can be  assigned and there will be automatic criticality calculations
  • Multiple failure effects permitted for a single failure mode
  • Failure detection filter facility and User-definable severity category libraries
  • Spelling checker and global text replacement for the easy convenience
  • Sub-projects may be linked to a master project
  • Automatic data transfer from prediction modules
  • Drag and drop components to the RBD module
  • Automatic fault tree construction facility


  • The FMECA module allows the customers to construct the FMEA and FMECA in the required standards.
  • The FMECA Module is its ability to automatically trace failure effects, severity values and failure causes through the system hierarchy.
  • Failure rate and criticality values are automatically calculated by the program.
  • The FMECA Software Module will also filter detectable and non-detectable failures in reports
  • Able to determine the ratio between the frequency of detectable failures and total failures.
  • Apportionment libraries and Phrase libraries make an added advantage to FMECA building in the software.
  • Automatic conversion from FMECA module to RBD, Fault Tree, Allocation.